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Julie, chez elle, à Saint-Tropez, réflechissant aux robes qu'elles voudrait porter.

Julie et les Tropeziennes, 

dress designer 

"Julie & les Tropezienne is a French Brand

which shows a truely Tropezian style that has mainly been influenced by the women of my family and an authentic Saint-Tropez.

clothesline made with love in a French workshop.

I have always dreamed of a time when romanticism and poetry used to dress women in a most simple and natural way, underlining the length of the legs, the fineness of the waist and the curve of the chest. All those silhouettes stay timeless and eternal, they represent with grace the true image of feminity"



Julie & the Tropeziennes


83990 Saint-Tropez

+33 6 20 02 32 22

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